Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Le bonheur c'est quand tous les doutes sont enfin levés, et que la chose est bien bénigne. Quand il faut appeler tout le monde pour dire heu ben je vous ai tannés pour rien ces deux derniers mois, et d'entendre les petits cris, gloussements de joie, de deviner les petites larmes. La vie reprend son cours normal mais pour quelques jours encore tout sera probablement plus savoureux, lumineux et drôle !

youpi !

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Those who Care

Happiness is in the moments spent with those who care. And those who care - or more specifically who know how to care - may not be those I would have anticipated. Yesterday for instance my doctor called (well, she asked her secretary, let's not push it too much!). Just to ask how I was coping. To ask how the biopsy went and how I was feeling. For a moment, I thought I was so lucky.


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Living well

I haven't discovered yet how to face bad news.
I mean really bad news.
Like my dear friend, a girl of my age, having no hope to recover. Palliative care they've said. Her little 4-year old is to be an orphan.
Like my grandpa being badly ill.
Like my great-auntie having avoided death by 30 seconds - and 4 defibrillator shocks.
Like my friend's mum struggle to live her life without feeling depressed or guilty, 6 years after her daughter's murder.
But i know that i like to giggle and chat and drink and eat.
But i know that not being happy won't make any difference to what's inevitable.
A singer that i adore says: "I know i'm gonna die so my revenge is living well".
I don't know whether it's a revenge, a trick or THE answer, but it's worth giving it a go.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Having a life on the outside

Because the mediocrity of lab politics can't rival the sheer pleasure of feeding slugs to my chickens - because I hate lab politics, as well as slugs, and because my chickens love the slugs.
So after another crappy day, which takes me closer to unemployment (well, eventually, that will happen, unless some kind of miracle), rather than going home to work on my laptop (can't you spot the work-life balance here?), I go to the garden, with my umbrella, I collect slugs, open the coop, and feed them to my aptly named chicken, predator :)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Se sentir légère et heureuse un instant, entre mammo et ultrasound. Rire aux éclats entre ultrasound et biopsie. Se détendre paisiblement un weekend dans l'attente des résultats. Être incroyablement vivante pour quelques minutes, à mi-chemin entre terreur et incrédulité.

Le pouvoir de l'amitié.