Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Overcoming shyness through drug usage...

... or when new owners would try anything to make friends with their new cat.
(this is only catnip, guys, we're not *real* junkies !)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Petit chat.

They're still not sure of my name.
Catastrophe according to dad.
Katicat according to mum.
But it's the name they gave me when i was born 7 years ago that the vet has registered.
I've been meowing for hours in the car yesterday - a long drive from around Dundee to my new home, Edinburgh.
Then i decided to hide behind the curtains for a while when i arrived.
But i think i'm going to be happy now.
I like my new food, i like my new toys, and more than anything i love catnip.
And my parents aren't ashamed to drug me up... anything to make me happy! Even at 2 o'clock at night - ok, i shouldn't have woken them up, but i was bored, just wanted something to play with. Who could blame such a cute cat ?
OK, got to go now, need to explore under the bed - apparently there's a fab drawer where i can have a nap - i need some rest if i want to be hyperactive tonight while the parents want to sleep !!
kthxbai !