Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Routine estivale

Se lever
Nourrir le chat
Se glisser dans des chaussures de sport
Aller gambader 15 mn au soleil au bord de la rivière
Sauter dans la douche
Manger des bleuets*
Boire un thé
Se jeter sur le clavier
Heure de tombée du papier : 15h30

C'est parti !

*Grosses myrtilles

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Muddy fun.

Festival sunday - Edinburgh festival is kicking off, and The Meadows is full of tents, people and muddy grass.
Rain - sun - rain - sun - rain - rain.
They call it showers, i call it scottish summer.
Kids are running around in their wellies - or their muddy sandals. People are wearing weird costumes and hand you leaflets for their even weirder shows.
Ice creams, chips & curry, loud music, noisy funfair.
But more importantly, my 2 favourite kids and a pink bubble sword.
Hours of wet fun.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Le calme avant la tempête.

While the circle of life carries on, with new babies appearing to balance the darker side, i'm enjoying shopping for little nothings, trying to find not-so-pink girly clothes, or strolling along my supermarket with no more worries than to shop to please.
Somehow i can't help thinking that it's quite nice when life stops being so intense, and one can just enjoy a daily routine made of breakfast / work / shop / cuddle in front of the TV. Or any other activity that doesn't require too much brain power.
Quiet time in the summer scottish rain. At last.